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Now Only $997

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This course is designed for the novice to the more experienced writer or performer. Our premium course bundle will help you learn the skills necessary to be considered for a job as a writer for Late Night T.V.

You can go from being a complete beginner to a skilled writer and have a completed properly formatted submission packet by the end of the course.

And for a limited time, I've lowered the price to make it more accessible!

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Monologue Joke Writing

The monologue is the mainstay of the Late Night TV format. Learn how to find the premises and write killer punchlines.

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Desk Piece Writing

Letterman's Top 10 List was the most popular segment in Late Night TV History. Learn this unique format and why it's such an audience pleaser.

Sketch Writing Module Thumbnail

Sketch Writing Module

From finding the premise to writing the script, you will learn everything about Sketch Writing.

Writing Packet Submission Module

Learn how to properly format and submit a writing packet for today's shows.

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The Brain Will Learn Anything You Teach It!

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Dr. K Anders Ericsson and Dr. Robert Pool, the fathers of the New Science of Expertise say that the brain is designed so anyone can learn any skill through regimented practice with expert feedback.

You'll be added to the Late Night TV Writers Private Facebook Group to get expert feedback from other writers and myself.

Expert Feedback!

You'll be added to the Late Night TV Writers Private Facebook Group to get expert feedback from other writers and myself.

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Compare to a B.A. in Comedic Arts

There are now several universities who offer a B.A. in Comedic Arts, these schools include Emerson College, Columbia College, UNLV, and USC. The average cost is $42,000

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B.A. in Comedic Arts at Emerson

Tuition, Housing, Books

$42,000-$68,000 / year

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Late Night TV Writing & Submission Course

Learn the skills necessary to format a polished Writers Packet

Writer's Earn $4738 per Week Minimum

The Writer's Guild of America's Minimum Basic Agreement, guarantees a Late Night Writer will earn $4,738 per week. That's a minimum salary!

Write a 2-minute sketch that makes it to air and you can earn another $3,738. Write a song parody and there's also ASCAP fees that are paid to the writer. So the pay as a first year staff writer is exceptional!

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Compare to College Grad.

If we drill down even further you'll see that the beginning Late Night Writer's salary is far superior to the average college graduate.

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Salary comparison chart

The average college grad makes $45, 478.00 per year in an entry-level position. The entry level position for a Late Night T.V. writer starts at around $200,000.

No wonder so many GenZers and Millennials are 'quiet quitting.'!

Learn Then Do

Late Night T.V. Writing is one of the only jobs you can get in television without experience and without a resume. You just have to demonstrate your skill in consistent comedy writing. I'll teach you, then you get the job.








4 Courses for Optimizing the Full Late Night Writer's Journey

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BONUS COURSE 1 • $1500 Value — FREE

What Makes People Laugh?

Imagine knowing what makes people laugh. When you learn what makes people laugh, it makes it easier to write the material. Learn the Science behind laughter with 9 Psychological Laughter Triggers.

Videos Included:

  • The single most powerful psychological trick that 'always works!"
  • How to Be Funny by not "Being" Funny
  • 6 Elements Necessary for a Joke to Work

BONUS COURSE 2 • $1000 Value — FREE

Getting From The Headlines to the Jokes

Spotting a good headline is key to producing volumes of material. Learn to breakthrough a new writer's most common dilemma: Turning the headline into the perfect setup to make it viable for a Late Night Joke.

Videos Included

  • Identifying the Angle of the Joke
  • The "Magic Phrase" to Home In on the Joke
  • The One Simple Trick to Creating Multiple Punchlines
late night tv hosts

BONUS COURSE 3 • $1000 Value — FREE

Writing for a Host is Not Writing for Yourself

Late Night TV Writing has a fickle nature. It's not stand-up. You will learn how to change your thinking to write for a host's voice, a show's brand, and a network's limitations. You'll also learn the fun part of writing right up to the edge of that limitation!

Videos Included:

  • Identifying Your Host's Persona
  • Differences/Similarities of Stand-up and Late Night Writing
  • Do's & Don'ts / Wills & Won'ts of your Host

BONUS COURSE 4 • $1000 Value — FREE

The Secrets to Writing a Great Setup

Most comedians and comedy writers are so eager to get that laugh that they ignore the crucial importance of the setup. I would argue that the setup is the most important part of the joke and it could make or break a writer's sustainability on a show.

Videos Included:

  • 6 Pillars of a Good Setup 
  • Rewriting the setup to "Open Up" the joke
  • Writing the setup for the Host
  • Secret to Getting the Audience to Invest Emotionally


It's like Getting 99% Off!*

8 Semesters of value for Less than 1 percent of the cost.

Become a Late Night T.V. Writer in a fraction of the time of attending a 4-year university

*Based on the cost of a 4-year University that offers a B.A. in Comedic Arts like Emerson College ($42,000 per year)

Excellence is in High Demand but Low in Quantity

Johnny Carson, arguably the King of Late Night TV said, "If you can write funny consistently, you will ALWAYS work... the amount of money will vary, but you will ALWAYS work..."

Taught Entirely by Jerry Corley, aka The "Joke Doctor"

Jerry Corley - Teacher - Late Night TV

Jerry Corley


Jerry Corley has over 30 years experience in comedy writing and stand-up and it wasn't his first choice of professions. He started doing stand-up at 25 and learned that there was a skill-set behind writing jokes. "I hired two comedy writing coaches and trained with them every week for nearly 20 months. Then got hired to write for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Where I wrote 80 to 120 jokes per day."

After leaving the Tonight Show he toured all over the World as a stand-up, co-wrote the story and executive produced a major motion picture called Stretch, starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

"Jerry is not only hysterically funny himself, he's got a real gift for breaking down the craft of comedy and teaching it. I never thought I'd be able to write so many jokes!"
-- Rashel Mareness
(Los Angeles, CA)

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Certified Testimonials

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"Jerry's methods really work. In Late Night TV Writing Submission course is great. He gives tools, tips and tricks to not only fight writer's block but craft sketches and monologue jokes like a pro."

- Laura Richter (Los Angeles, CA)

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"Jerry, you really outdid yourself with this course! The video lessons are so on the money!"

- Dean Lewis (Dallas, TX)

joe dungan testimonial thumbnail

"Jerry's course demystified the whole process for writing & submitting a late-night packet... I wouldn't have made it into the quarterfinals (top 6% of all applicants) in last year's NBC Late-Night Writers Outreach without this course."

- Joe Dungan (Los Angeles, CA)

Jerry, I have gotten your "late night writing " course and I freaking love it!!!! Man this has open my eyes up.... I'm having a ball. I can listen to this in my car or with earphones . Thank you so much for putting the course together!! I enjoy writing now more then ever!!! Thank you !!!

— Phil Rogers (Liverpool, U.K.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of monologue joke writing and short-form comedy writing, in addition to an overall expertise of what makes something funny. It’s especially useful for creative individuals who are seeking professional work in television writing. This program works well as a short-cut to the 4-year college approach.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one time fee of $1997 $997 for the Late Night TV Comedy Writing & Submission program. This price includes all the components listed above. It also gets you online lifespan access to the course assets, Facebook member community and any other new or bonus content that may be added.

How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program And Get Certified?

You can take as much time as you need to complete all you need. There’s absolutely no fixed schedule, time limit or deadline on coursework completion. We do, however, suggest you establish a consistent weekly schedule of 2-3 hours for watching the lesson videos and completing the materials.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions, and through our private Facebook community.

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